Mini robot motors

Anyone know max amps and volts on the fez mini-bot sold here? I have one but can’t find a spec sheet. thanks much.

I would say 5V but not positive

From the kit’s pdf:

This robot kit included 48:1 ratio DC motor gearbox; model BO-2 with IDC connector cable. This is features :
[ulist]Operating voltage is +3 to +9Vdc
Current consumption 130mA @ +6Vdc and no load)
Average speed 170 to 250 round per minute (RPM) @ +6V and no load
Weight is 30 grams
Minimum torque is 0.5 kg/cm.
Attached with the plastic mounting with 5 of insert nuts
42 x 45 x 22.7 mm. (WxLxH) dimension[/ulist]

@ Gus. This pdf is missing in the kit’s downloads tab.

Cool. Thanks architect. I was looking for that.