Mini Power!

Hi guys,

Apologies if this has already been raised.

I’m thinking about converting my the components I got with a FEZ Mini robot into something new. The new project doesn’t have any motors, in fact it’s just a FEZ Mini, some low power sensors and a LCD screen, and so doesn’t have a large power requirement. It does have a requirement to be as small as possible however. The battery pack (4x AA) is pretty bulky.

What’s the best way to go for a smaller way to power the FEZ Mini?


Maybe this? [url][/url]

Perhaps a Bohdi Labs booster converter?


Lithium Ion Battery Packs are the way to go if you want high power with small size.

Yeah Lithium babe Lithium or if you want to be ahead of the game try A123 betteries something like this, I googled this:

[url] - Lowest Price for Arduino/RC Hobby Parts, Digital Servos, Brushless Motors, ESC, LiPo Batteries/Chargers for RC Helicopters, RC Planes, RC Cars, Robots, RC Toys, 3D Printers

Disclaimer: I am a share holder of A123Sytem :slight_smile:

have you measured how much current you need, Do you use Hibernate mode of chip? Do you have any threads that are running in a tight loop rather than sleeping etc .
Rough estimate maybe 50mA so 1500mAH Lithium should give you 30 hours

2 coin cell in series ?