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Mini Maestro 12-Channel USB Servo Controller


I have created a new driver for Mini Maestro Servo controller… Check it out…


Thank you Tanu


U r Welcome Joe… I really like the Maestro, there are a plethora of features that can help a lot of Fezzers with their Robotics project. I specially like the In-build scripting feature, this has allowed me to transfer the Servo Movement Sequences off my domino and onto the Maestro. :slight_smile:


Looking nice! This scripting feature, is this done over serial? Just like a SSC-32?


@ Foekie - I have never gotten a chance to work with SSC-32. But as for the Maestro, it has an 8 KB internal script size. The Maestro can be scripted using the Maestro S/W which can be downloaded from The script can contain Subroutines (Which is what i use to store Sequences). Subroutines can be triggered or stopped from a fez via serial comm.
The S/W is pretty intuitive. A user can generate multiple frames via the interface using slider bars and then export the sequence to a script.


Very nice Tanu. Santa brought me one of these for xmas this year.


It seems someone has been good this year… :wink:


Thanks for the work. I’ve been playing with a panda and the 18 channel unit. Very happy with it. The ability to run it off ttl with the panda and also connected by USB to laptop, allows real time monitoring of the servos. I noticed that you are using a level translator. I have hooked the Maestro directly to the panda and have not had any communication problems. The Maestro manual implies that it should be a problem but not for me so far. Even at high baud rate. 8" of wire. The only problem encountered so far was when I started using continuous rotation servos. The regular servos twitched real bad. A 100 uf cap across the servo power in stopped it. It’s amazing how fast the community is growing FEZ.


@ Gary2 - I did try connecting my Maestro to my Domino and i could only get some twitchy servo movements… I am glad it works well for you.
Which protocol did you implement to communicate with the Maestro? I use the compact protocol in my driver, also did you ever try connecting the Maestro to the USB host … I am trying to get it to work but i don’t seem to be getting the desired results.


This is probably a case of my combination of chips work while yours doesn’t. I have a panda and no USB master so I can’t work on the USB. Used the full Pololu protocol and did not make a class. Just inline code. Haven’t had time to try your work but will soon.


Cool, let me know if you run into any issues with the driver or you dont find a feature, I will try and make the changes accordingly.


Is there an updated location for this controller code for the Mini Maestro?