MikroBus.Net RAM Board

Hi Christophe

This is effectively bad news. Nothing wrong with your board or TinyClr 2.
The only explanation I have is that TinyClr remains very marginal in the hobbyist world compared to Arduino, feather…
Probably simply because many never heard about it. But I don’t explain the low number of backers in the forum community. The number of available boards able to run TinyClr 2.0 is currently strictly limited to GHI. They offer a solution to all know platforms but your board remain to me an attractive solution.
The position of Mikroe sounds strange to me. As you mentioned, your site exists for several years and they refer to your site for the Quail. Sounds very unfair to me…
After all, they can make money out of it by selling clicks boards

But, still interested to acquire your board if possible…

PS: don’t forget to change your Mikrobus reference for the nanoframework…

When it’s about trademarks, fairness is not the main concern.

Regarding the low number of backers, perhaps it’s because of its price. I don’t know. But it does not matter as we will be only a few to own such a collector :wink:

I will contact you later this week by email to discuss about your board. I’m currently cleaning many things so that the old MBN house sparkles. For nobody but it will shine anyway.

Wow, i’m new to this community. The ram board looks like really useful. I’d back it if possible. Even now… if you have a borad available, i’d be happy to purchase one or two… it really is a potty the kickstarter campaign was not supported at all.

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I do not think the board was the problem. I think Kickstarter is not as exciting as before. Many people got burned in the past.