MII Ethernet Phy or MAC

I very new to MII interfaces…can the G120 provide this interface or do i need to get another chip to do this?

I need to integrate with a chip that has MII PHY or MII MAc interface…what does this mean?

G120 does not support it.

What chip would i need to interface between g120 and a MII MAC chip? Can the G120 handle 200MPS or is MII MAC Chip responsible for this part?

@ anthonys - MII need a separate PHY Chip with MII intf. Most cpu now support RMII (reduced MII) also, but you need a PHY chip. There are MPU that has PHY inside too.
The G120 NXP LPC1788 I think support MII/RMII, but no driver in NETMF firmware for that in any case. I’m not sure, check datasheet.