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MIDI Sequencer (16 Tracks)


Ok, so here’s my official MIDI Sequencer thread. I already placed my order for a FEZ Panda, but while I wait, I will start working out the details.

First, this will be Open-Source, and its only a hobby for me, so I’m not taking much time from my commercial time at :wink:

Another thing I want to add, the option to remote-control Wusik Station V6/V7 or Wusik Fuse Box, but we will see about this in a few weeks, first the MIDI Sequencer, later, the Wusik Remote. It may be 2 projects, depending how the FEZ Panda RAM deals with the project. (specially the MIDI data)

I’m still thinking how I will handle the timer for the sequencer, to record and playback, mostly like to use a Timer for that.

Anyway, I will post more info as I go, and I will also create a page on our site for the official project files. :cool:

Best Regards, WilliamK @ Wusik Dot Com