Microsoft's .NET Core slowly marches onto Raspberry Pi 3


Windows IoT Core, ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, too many Cores already.


.NET on BeagleBone :slight_smile: Can’t wait.


But Gus… we already have .net on BBB via mono. And that’s with full access to the IO capabilities of the board; programming in VS and VScode; plus a real IFU strategy; plus a containerization strategy; plus full control of the update timing; no mandated app store; and a no-license-cost path to productization, and a substantially larger library of reusable code.

I work for MS and really love most of what we do (esp., .net and Azure), but I cannot pretend to be blind to the ways in which Win10 IoT does not address these core needs, especially for small-scale/small-run work.

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Oh yes - many options. QtSharp, GtkSharp and a Windows Forms equivalent are among the most common choices. I have only tried Winforms and GtkSharp and both worked well.

@ mcalsyn - So it’s time to continue your knowledgebase!! Can we hope?

Good point - that would make for a nice article.

.Net Core 2.0 on Raspberry Pi