Microsoft's first own Linux (and much more)

Sphere as TinyCLR OS competitor (both addresses the MCU class)


I think this targets devices like the RpI and Beagle Bone Black

MT3620 features an Arm Cortex-A7 application processor operates up to 500MHz

Also, given the archetecture diagram. It looks to be too heavy to run on a G120 or lower.

MCU per definition is not a SOC like BeagleBone or Raspberry Pi
SOC is IoT Core

i would not ask myself the question can i run it on a G120, the interesting question is how much security do you need in your systems

2016 an army of million hacked iot devices almost broke the internet today
2017 a fish tank helped hack a casino

only to name those two as you will find a countless number of such events

I see this as a compliment to TinyCLR.

in what way ?

TinyClrOs is enought to include (Certificates)ssl/tsl 1.2 for security and to be with last secure standards

and if you send data to a cloud like azure you store the credentials on unsecured file storage, because ssl/tls is enough?

awesome security :grin:

G120 hosts a cortex M micro with TinyCLR and G800 hosts one of the new Microsoft chips, cortex A.

That is why there is M and there is A cortex families. They complement each other, not compete.


already there are drivers for some flash memory (where you can store certificates)and keep hash on your code to be sure certificates are not changed…

so i dont belive that someone will took your hardware to do reverse engineering (to get certificates ,password from flashes where your are only who know how it was stored on it.) and to continue to hack …

just keep in mind this one is when you are using internet as communication part (I am not using azure ,i am using mosquitto mqtt - azure also support it)

other way you dont need it since you have a lot cheap solutions as middlewire between your device and internet (for example i use cheap mikrotik device for vpn tunnels between point a Netherland and b Kosovo that is enought secure,or you can use raspberry pi,or beagle bone too ) and through this vpn with default ethernet code i connect to mysql db with arduino mega and nucleo

Horses for courses I suppose.

It is interesting though to see how Microsoft has ‘shifted’ on this over last few years. Explains why Win10IoT has seen no great further development. Seesm Linux IoT won.

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you bring up a new product named G800 that includes a mediatek MCU ?

it seems like you did not understand what sphere is and how it compete with TinyCLR OS

sure the market has a size of a few billion dollar, also a company like GHI will sell a few products, probably for devices without Internet connectivity :grin:

you mix up different kind of things, Windows IoT runs on MPU’S which have at least 100x the power of the MCU

Microsoft offers 10 years of support for Windows IoT Core and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

why not use a fully fledged Windows 10 or better Linux System (because Linux won) instead of TinyCLR OS ?:grin:

Every company on Earth need to use sphere or not use internet? I completely understand the product and I am very excited about it. And also as excited about TinyCLR running on smaller devices, that are also internet connected.


Your right I didn’t understand it (first 10 mins knowing about it) but yeah I get it now and get what Sphere is.
It does blur the lines though! So no wonder confusion reading the marketing stuff first

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