Microsoft suspends Windows 10 release builds to insiders

The calm before the storm has begun!

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I cant see any ISOs there.

That’s by design. There are no official 10240 iso’s. Microsoft wants everyone to exercise the upgrade path and the best way to do that is make the upgrade path the only way to get 10240.

Except that the upgrade process doesnt seem to work for me for some reason. I have the insider hub installed, windows is activated, I verify my account through the code texted to my phone. I’m logged in with my microsoft account - the same one I signed up to the insider program with.

I had to install 10162 from scratch. I get updates, just not the next release.

So I am stuck on 10162 until the official release… then I guess I can grab it from my MSDN subscription.

I just wish I knew why updates never work for me anymore.

Is it because I am in New Zealand? Is it because I dual boot with windows 7? Is it something to do with my Dell L702X laptop?

One weird thing is that my windows 10 always has notifications saying something like “You need to fix something to quit insider builds”

However, when I go to the update screen, and click “Fix it” it says “You need help to stop getting insider builds” and shows me options on how to DIScontinue them.

Only I dont WANT to discontinue them. I want them to work. So it seems something is broken there. Im not getting them, windows 10 thinks I want to discontinue them, but wont let me do anything to continue to receive them. Its a big mess. And this was from a clean install of 10162.

Only a few more days until the release though. i’ll just wait for that.

See my notifications, which send me to the update page
Which gives me a pop up saying I need help to STOP receiving insider builds.

Not very helpful, lol.

Did you click “Fix me” ?

The problem is the MSA. Until you fix it, you will struggle to re-join flighting.

I have seven different win10 systems, and one that is stuck in a similar state. Every attempt to fix it has failed because the MSA authN dialog fails too. It’s a VM on 10134 (which I think was a problematic build), so I am resigned to just recreating it, but I did also report it as a bug.

Yes… I put up screen shots. If I click Fix me it gives me info how to discontinue the updates… not allow them, lol.

In any case, its moot now. While trying to get around this ano hour or so ago, I used an activation key for windows 10 [em]enterprise[/em] insider (instead of windows 10 pro insider) - so it updated to enterprise… which is now not activated… and activations are current disabled.

So, there is no actual path I can follow now to A] get windows 10 activated or B] get an update.

I’ll just wait until the 29th, and do a fresh install. I hope the global update goes more smoothly!

Installing Win 10 Pro (x64 retail) right now (MSDN put the retail ISO’s up a few hours ago)


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Looks like Windows IoT got new images there, too…

I hope your upgrades are going better than mine. Big nasty BSOD during the install on my primary laptop and its trying to restore Windows 8.1 now but appears to be stuck in a reboot loop. Not a good day for me. :wall: :wall: :wall: