Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Microsoft Surface Book

Does anyone know how to order the MS Surface Pro 4 or MS Surface Book through Dell?

I’ve seen misc articles that clam Dell is now a distributor, but do not see any way of ordering it - or any acknowledgement of them at

The only way I can buy one is via my Dell Preferred account (and its $2700 credit)

Would any of the Microsoft Gurus here know?

Dell sales people seem to have no idea what I am talking about, when I ask them :confused:

11/15/2015 03:17:45PM mike: "Hi, I have read that Dell is now a distributor of the Microsoft Surface line of hardware… but I havent been able to find anything on dell’s website. I am interested in using my dell preferred account credit to buy a microsoft surface book. Is this possible?
11/15/2015 03:18:14PM Agent (TIP_Kathrina M): “Hi there Mike. :slight_smile: Glad you chatted in today. I’ll be happy to assist you.”
11/15/2015 03:20:17PM Agent (TIP_Kathrina M): “Well actually as of this moment we dont have the Microsoft Surface line of hardware available in our website. Honestly we do not offer that here in online.”
11/15/2015 03:20:53PM Agent (TIP_Kathrina M): “May I know where did you get that information?”
11/15/2015 03:21:36PM mike: “hmm”
11/15/2015 03:21:43PM mike: “Several places… hold on”
11/15/2015 03:22:19PM mike: “Microsoft: Dell and Hewlett-Packard to sell Surface Pro tablets | Fortune
11/15/2015 03:23:00PM mike: “there are hundreds of articles written about dell now selling the surface line… the announcement from microsoft and dell was on sept 8”
11/15/2015 03:23:12PM mike: “Dell Agrees to Sell Microsoft's Surface Tablet - The New York Times
11/15/2015 03:24:25PM mike: “here is a video of Michael Dell himself talking about it:”
11/15/2015 03:24:27PM mike: “Michael Dell on Windows 10 and Selling Microsoft Surface Pro - Stories
11/15/2015 03:26:15PM mike: “They just said “later this year” but another article on Oct 26 said dell had begun selling it”
11/15/2015 03:26:28PM mike: “So… I was just wanting more information”
11/15/2015 03:26:42PM Agent (TIP_Kathrina M): “Hmm I see. At this time, we don’t have updates regarding that yet thus I can’t disclose any information to you. Rest assured that I will pass along this concern as your feedbacks are greatly appreciated.”
11/15/2015 03:27:54PM Agent (TIP_Kathrina M): “By the way, would you like me to go ahead and check other best packages with best deal for you instead?”

And she in the end offers to sell you something else :slight_smile: :wall:

I had a similar experience last week (with food of course) where I was sent an email form a guy about their new big breakfast special which included real bacon (I am in Indonesia) and so I went along with the wife to check it out. The waitress said “we don’t do a special”. I said you do, your boss sent this email and I showed her the email with the big poster attachment. Wait she said. About 10 mins later she comes back and says she can do but didn’t know anything about it and neither did the chef. I sent an email right away to the boss and he replied back saying sometimes he just wants to give up on this place and that they have been talking about this for the last 3 weeks.

Basically, it all comes down to communication and it seems that not everyone gets the information or knows what to do with it. That would seem to be the case with Dell. I see it all the time here with the local Dell distributor. :frowning:

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If anyone succeeds in buying one from Dell, please let me know.

I have no inside knowledge here, nor any other guidance I can give you, and I’m commenting from my external/enterprise view.

The main reason I see for these partnerships being announced was for enterprises, who have a higher touch need around the sales and execution of product lifecycle management. Enterprises with existing relationships with Dell for example are able to leverage that to also buy Surface hardware and not have to try to set up new supplier relationships with Microsoft direct, for what will be a small number of devices for execs etc.

@ Brett - Does that mean, in your understanding, that they are unlikely to sell an individual unit to an individual customer? Or even an individual unit to an enterprise customer?

I.e. bulk purchases only after some enterprise pricing negotiations?

lamesauce if so.

I doubt I can get the Microsoft store to grant me $2700 credit now that I’ve left the country and am only making 40% of what I was over there…

No I am saying that the focus is/was on enterprises, and it’s early days.