Microsoft staffs up its evolving Internet of Things team

Interesting… could be just a marketing thing… then again, maybe there’s more to it:


Interesting. I wonder if anybody from that team hangs around here. Would be nice to discuss some of it here.

Good to see increased interest - I wonder if we’ll see better Azure support out of this to compete with and the link. (just saw the Bolt mention at the end of the article – interesting)

It would be nice to get something akin to a Mission Statement from the IoT, other than just a generic “helping devices connect”.

Am I the only one that finds it funny that Johnathan has a 404 for number of connections?

I hate browser based apps, as I had a nice reply written for this but apparently chrome ate it (should have been using IE), but here is the short version.

I’ve always said there is more to it and I’ll continue to say that.

I remember Steve from his Borland and Delphi days and always thought quite highly of him so this is a score.

For Microsoft to get the new version of NetMF out around Chinese New Year is impressive and indicates a new sense of urgency in this area (and an apparently willingness to use sharp pointy sticks).

Last meeting I was at I wasn’t the first guy to bring up Gadgeteer like I usually am, but someone else beat me to it and everyone in the room knew what Gadgeteer was so Gadgeteer’s profile is increasing at Microsoft as is the number of people excited by Gadgeteer.

Microsoft doesn’t want to compete with etc as the reality is there are likely more media dudes writing about IoT then there is are developers writing IoT code (or so the hype would tend to indicate), so this is still an emerging technology and the focus is on growth, not taking out possible future competitors. Certainly Azure, Bing (there is a lot more to Bing then just a search engine), Bing Maps etc will want to take their place in the technology, but its still about growth of the technology at this point (ie there is ample room for everyone right now).

NetMF and Gadgeteer still need to keep the pedal to the metal, as we are still the little brother and need to continue earning our stripes.

Now I’m not a Microsoft employee, but I do get to sit in on a few meetings at Microsoft and I think that Gadgeteer is still the kitten’s meow.


This makes a lot of sense. I’ve been participating in a Microsoft IoT user panel the past several months. It would seem that I’ve been helping to set priorities for this new group.