Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation Missing

I followed the directions and was able to do the blinky led project. However I’m now trying to do bitmaps and Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation is not in the intellisense after .SPOT and it highlights it red. There are no options under add references for .NET.

I installed the 4.1 MF, then the GHI SDK. What am I missing?

Did you try adding a reference to Microsoft.SPOT.TinyCore?

I ended up figuring it out. The .NET references tab is sometimes blank- apparently due to caching or something. I was eventually able to add the reference.


One quick questions
1.) do you know if there’s a Util. convertbpp that does 4-bit grayscale?
2.) I added Microsoft.SPOT.Graphics to get it, what’s Microsoft.SPOT.TinyCore?

I do not believe that there is greyscale support, but I am not certain. And Microsoft.Spot.TinyCore is an assembly that adds user-interface elements.