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Microsoft SideShow and .NETMF


Hi Folks,

did anyone know how it is possible to use the lastest SideShow Version 3.0 on the .NETMF 4.1 with ChipworkX



welcome to the community.

It looks like SideShow project was banded? There has not been any updates since long tiem ago.

I wish they had release it open source. Someone could have maintained it.


Thank you

Yes, I have already assumed the SideShow addon are discontinued.

It is very hard to find a good solution for a small and compact OS, programmable in C# and includes a nice graphic engine to create an appealing UI.

I don’t want to use a basic OS like Win7 or CE…to complicated/big core = error prone

That is a example what i search:

The search continues…


I think you are missing important point. Sideshow runs on NETMF and most our products run NETMF.

For graphics, see glide