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Microsoft Robotics Studio, your robot sidekick program


Technology is moving fast!!! … Im happy that C# is in the Microcontroller world. Im not putting this to compare or say which one is better or anything like that. Im placing this info help my fellow programmers; Soon alot of people are going to be in the .NETMF.

You get MSRD at the Microsoft web page.
MSRD is a program on its own; it has a Physics World Emulator, Visual Programming Language, Internet Communications, its all based on C#, DSS, and the CCR. Its been used to control the Lego Robot, to a AI vehicle in the DARPA challenge see link.

MSRD is not intended to replace a formal education in science, physics, and Robot engineering; its a tool to help you on your project. It can be daunting to learn a new language, but its better than trying to reinvent the wheel!

Young Joon Kim added to the MSRD a set of libraries (SPL) to make it easier to learn and deploy MSRD ( it sits on top of it) ; the examples include simulation environment, VPL, MF 4.0 and 4.1 (Emulator Mode), 3D stereoscopic for (3D TV),and more. Power Point Slide instructions make it easy to follow. See link for more info . The SPL files are open source to anybody wanting to add to it; ready tutorials for MAT lab, Flash, Python, C# implementations, and others.

I use SPL to show the kids programming in a fast 3D world environment without boring them with PROPER SYNTAX.

I hope this info is useful to you… Happy Coding.


robotic studio requires a PC to run, NETMF runs on a $5 CPU :slight_smile:


Its a bright future for programmers… :slight_smile: … small .NetMF microcontrollers, 3D simulation MSRD, and with Microsoft entering the Automotive Market see links.

put them all together… and presto… new and great technology!!!

Go Windows!! :slight_smile:


A new release of Microsoft Robotics Studio is going to be at Maker Fair New York… wow… Microsoft is really getting into technology… .NETMF(thanks GHI), the release of the Gadgeteer(Thank You… GHI great work!), and now a new release of Micosoft Robotics Studio… Oh my… I’m gonna be really busy… ???

For those of you that dont know what MSRDS is … its basically a platform that does 3D simulations, a Visual Programming Language, and complex algorithms for robots in a PC, with a full set of .NET libraries, plus the added; DSS and CCR add a more elevated feature to/for communications through RS232, USB, Bluetooh, Wifi, etc… in real time.

Theres also going to be a Gadgeteer display at MakerFair NewYork.