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Microsoft Robotics Studio is having a $10,000 competition


See links for Rules and details… good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Nice! Thanks for sharing!


Now that’s SWEET! ;D
Too bad my free time is very limited at the moment.
I might do a small project, but first I need more free time ::slight_smile:



[quote]You are eligible to enter this Contest if you meet the following requirements at time of entry:
* You are a legal resident of the fifty (50) United States (including the District of Columbia);



Good time to be taking a course at my local U :slight_smile:


That should be enough for you, right?


I gazed over that last word… Saw the “research” word and thought they were just trying to add in the PhDs who already graduated. Cool. It’s on!

Too bad the robot for the final stage is only a loaner. I watched a video of it the other day and it’s pretty sweet!


Rules have been updated… now hobbyists and thinkerers allowed to participate

good luck everyone :slight_smile: