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Hi everybody,

Just joined and I am about to get a Fez Panda 2. Looking forward to start building some autonomous robots! I did have a few questions though, firstly im not really up to date with microsoft robotics developer studio but might there be a possibility of interlinking it with Fez? If Fez is already based on the .net framework it could lead to some amazing stuff. Secondly does C# have its drawbacks on PID loops? And finally does GHI consider the possability of going down the root of “beagleboard” or programming C++?

Thanks in advance


GHI supports RLP programming which allows you to call native code from withing managed code. They even have events and threading; you may want to look it up under then Native/RLP section of their API reference. :smiley:


Thanks for the quick reply!! :slight_smile: Going over there now!


What did you mean about the PID loops? Is the timing of yours vital?

I’m using a lot in mine, but they’re 0.5s timing, so its not a problem at all.


PID loops can be extremely time sensitive, especially when you are controlling something that moves very fast, like an aircraft…


Well, I have worked/built tri-rotors based around arduinos, such as the shrediquette and others. So yes PID loops are essential. For both gyroscope and accelerometers… but I dont have the greatest experience in programming and I am planning some projects which I will post around here. Fez seems like such a great way to get into more complex programming.