Microsoft MakeCode - TechTalk 60

We talk about Microsoft MakeCode. A graphical programming tool that uses blocks and JavaScript code to help people program.

Microsoft MakeCode website:


But it’s Ep. 59 isn’t it? :thinking:

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I have not seen the video yet but would prefer to steer clear of MakeCode

I am sure they will go the way of NETMF and Gadgeteer :slight_smile:

I could be wrong, but it is ok !

You are “sure”? I surely hope not. It is really nice.

I hope GHI does support Microsoft MakeCode, it looks like it can help new programmers get into electronics. Please use one of the Fez line of microcontrollers like the Panda or Cobra to keep a cross platform to Arduino shields. It will also help if GHI also supports Microsoft Robotics Studio. Thanks GHI for the new GHI Tiny CLR OS support for all the legacy microcontrollers… just found my Fezmini getting ready to play with it again.


i don’t think this will ever happen since Microsoft closed its Robotics Group and based on the System Requirements from the last release more than 5 years ago you could experience some issues with the current releases of Windows 10 and Visual Studio

@Kevin_Flint… but Microsoft hasn’t removed Microsoft Robotics Studio for some reason, maybe they will update it if enough people use it.

i can still download “DCOM configuration utility for Windows 95 and Windows 98” so may be Microsoft will update it if enough people use it ? :grin:

@Kevin_Flint… Ok… ok… I’ll work on Microsoft Robotics Studio on the side… I’m not saying it’s going to take off, and everybody is going to pay the $1000.00 fee (which was probably it’s down fall unlike the new Microsoft MakeCode which is free)for the official license to distribute, but I’ll do it as a hobby on the side for fun.

I was trying out the Microsoft MakeCode, and WOW its very neat. I can work on it on my Android phone also; use the block code run it in the simulator on the phone, then download the file to my phone for a fast save and transport to the CPU… neat!
I tried the Adafruit project, and its nice (plenty of examples and walk throughs): and the Sparkfuns Arduino Beta project (they’re still adding features to it) and its nice that you can run code on the internet then download it to your device on both of them… I hope GHI doesn’t miss this opportunity, it can be a nice recruiting tool for GHI Products, I hope they use the Brain Pad, FEZ, or a new development board…:slight_smile: