Microsoft MakeCode for Brainpad (would be awesome!)

@ GHI - have you looked into Microsoft MakeCode?

Just another broken heart waiting to happen.

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We sure have :slight_smile:

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I wish I could disagree, but I can’t.

It’s conceivable that under Satya, things could be different, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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MakeCode is interesting, but it is an adaptation of Google’s Blockly in the same way that VS Code is an adaptation of Github’s Electron and Atom - it is Microsoft’s adoption (co-opting?) of a popular open-source platform. The difference between this and past orphan projects is that both MakeCode (Microsoft PXT) and VS Code are already open-source. So, the only parts that can ‘go away’ are the hosting for MakeCode or the build-engine and distribution for VS Code. The lifespan and future development of each really only depends on the level of engagement from the community. They don’t go away until the last community contributor goes away. What MS is providing is server cycles, the vision and initial development effort. And as far as I am concerned, that’s a pretty nifty way to do things.

(fwiw, as an ISV, I could not be as generous as MS is here - there’s no direct profit from either of these efforts, so thank you MS)


…and by the way, Adafruit is hosting MakeCode too :

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It reminds me of the Lego Mindstorms visual programming interface.

@ mcalsyn - In case it wasn’t clear, I was not, and am not, dumping on Microsoft or trying to throw shade.

I am glad to see continued interest in the microcontroller space. But any enthusiasm I might normally have for MakeCode is tempered by harsh experience. I would be delighted if this effort is successful and gains traction, particularly if it becomes available and/or adaptable to boards I actually own. :slight_smile:

@ devhammer - Understood, and I agree with you on all counts. ‘Availability’ and ‘support’ are not the same, and I get the point that simply having access to the code is not a substitute for ongoing support of a platform or concept. I didn’t respond to disagree with you, as I too am really disappointed in the on-again/off-again support the MCUs get. I think that all I was trying to do is point out that it’s not a case of needing to worry that the whole thing might disappear, but I agree that that’s no defense against it withering away.