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Microsoft Make code and BrainPad


Is there some news about Micosoft Make code and BreanPad ?


We will make the official announcement with more details and detailed instructions for the BrainPad once everything is up and ready to go.

In the meantime, please feel free to try everything out in the simulator and let us know what you think,


Thanks Gary


Brainpad simulator : first tests

  • Light bulb and Light Sensor tutorials doesn’t loading
  • Starting Block tutorial loading but Brainpad is a little bit small. It’s not easy to read screen
    I’ve tested this with success

    The BrainPad simulator makes me feel good :sunglasses:
    To be continued…


When will the BrainPad Simulator be here?


We are still testing and improving but you can always use it with a direct link.


Yes I know. :smiley: My question was when could I translate in French with crowdin.


Same question :smile:


Translating sounds great. We have a getting started ebook coming out in a few days. Would you wiling to translate that?


yes. It’s possible. :wink:


French team on the bridge ! :smile: