Microsoft just released .NET MF 4.3 Beta

[quote]- Support for Visual Studio 2012

  • All v4.2 QFEs features and bug fixes (PWM enhancements, lwIP and network driver reliability improvements, Analog Output, WinUSB and latest GCC support)
  • Improved diagnostic information for deployment
  • Decreased boot time[/quote]

Wow, this looks great. So the usual question is, when will we see a new firmware built with this? But, with GCC support, maybe I can resume my firmware building adventures!

Features and bug fixes listed here:




Based off 4.2 I’d say around 6 months.

What does winusb support imply? Making devices appear as ‘winusb’ on a computer or that a board may recognize winusb peripheral that gets plugged in?

Hi Dr9,

.NET MF 4.2 QFE2 (and .NET MF 4.3) supports both WinUSB and the traditional MFUSB/SpotUSB drivers for NETMF boards.

Some users have had BSODs with the MFUSB drivers. By offering the option of the built-in WinUSB drivers, this should reduce or eliminate BSODs for those users.


I assume there will be different times for the Premium and OSHW libraries. I hope this time, Premium comes first. Nudge Nudge

With 4.0 and 4.1, we had a release almost right when Microsoft release their bits. 4.2 is a special case for many reasons, most are internal :slight_smile:

The move to 4.3 will be smooth and in much less time than 4.2.

Here is a video of us releasing and talking about 4.0 open source. The video was on youtube in August (recorded weeks before but Microsoft asked us to not post it and they posted it later on their account.) and here is the release dated November

Colin Miller’s blog about it:

While I’m always keen for new versions and the improvements and new features they contain, I also know each version release gets harder/longer as the amount of legacy code etc starts to build. Saying 6 months for 4.2 isn’t exactly right as some stuff was never moved to 4.2 (eg wifi support), so saying 4.3 support will be smoother and much less time, makes me wonder how that is possible. I’m not slagging GHI, anyone who has seen my Gadgeteer product orders knows how very much I like GHI and Gadgeteer, but at the same point Microsoft has to be cognizant of the impact of point releases on Gadgeteer. .NetMF is quickly becoming (if it hasn’t already) a real working platform with ‘product’ in field and far more product under development, so impact of updates and platform evolution might have to be a tad better thought out in order to deal with this increasing users and code base. When you start a new platform there is always that golden age where you can evolve very quickly and only a few people are impacted, but as your user base grows, those free and easy times start to fall by the wayside as now you have ‘community’ both in terms of users and code to be responsible to.

But here’s to 4.3, may the coding gods smile upon us and deliver all the goodies quickly and easily.

The beta has just been announced. GHI can start testing, but can not release until the RTM version is available. MS is still the time factor.

This is what I meant.

@ Gus, 4.2 time between beta announced and RTM alone was more than 2 months. Plus the first OSS Gadgeteer board, etc. Definitely wasn’t trying to rag on GHI at all. :slight_smile:

I know you are not. We are just not very happy because the current delay is not usual for GHI. But the building move for the second time in one year, training new developers, open source, gadgeteer, new products (not all are public yet) and other good secrets are all things that came together in one year :slight_smile:

We still think we can get it all out by November. Why is this goal? We have few surprises for the holiday season :slight_smile:

@ Gus it has been a heck of a year for you guys as I’m sure the growth, the new building, new products etc haven’t made this the easiest year for you, but hopefully it is all working out great for you guys. I’m looking forward to those surprises!!!

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Previously you had mentioned .netmf improvements in the g120 firmware that improved boot time significantly. Are they saying 4.3 has been improved even further or what?

Maybe a bit more but I think this is the same fix that was in QFE2. You can safely assume QFE2 was a little step into 4.3.

Ok, here’s a tip – When it says “support” for Visual Studio 2012, think REQUIRED! The SDK will not install without VS2012 preinstalled. Also, if you are installing the free express version, it has to be the “Desktop Edition”. I tried the Win8 edition and the SDK would not install with that one.

I am down to 9 errors on the build with GCC + NETMF43. I will probably give it a week before I give up this time… If I get it to build, I’ll post instructions…


    0 Warning(s)
    9 Error(s)

Time Elapsed 00:01:35.23


TEASE! :slight_smile:

I can hardly wait for the Fez Reindeer!

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I, for one, will write your name in for president next month.

Actually. I got it to compile and deploy to the Cerb, but it does not work at all… When I try to get the device info it says Not Supported. Not really sure where to go from there.