Microsoft Build 2017

Anyone here going next month?

@ ianlee74 - I went last year, had my finger on the trigger the moment they opened registration and it was sold out in minutes. Not so lucky this year.

Did you get registered?

Yup. I’ll be there.

Let’s all get together for dinner. It would be a treat to meet everyone.

EDIT: There are a lot of interesting and not-overpriced venues over on the Seattle side of the water (e.g., Brouwers, a Belgian Brew-Pub). If we can settle on a date/time, I can make arrangements.

@ mcalsyn - I’d love to have dinner, but I did not get registered for the conference. Hopefully next time.

I intentionally booked a later flight out on Saturday so I could do a little touring before I left town. That would probably be the best day for me since I’m sure there will probably be other events the other nights. I’m open to other nights as well if it turns out others are coming.

@ mcalsyn - sounds like it’s just you & me from here. I’ve got Saturday morning and early afternoon to do some sightseeing. Email me if you’re interested in being a tour guide or just meeting up for lunch. I’m heading to the airport for a long night of travel… :’(

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