Microsoft beginning to focus on fixing networking


Good explanation of what is happening. Thanks!

And I like the idea of a native Windows port for fist phase development and testing.

Hopefully this will fix networking stack for good.

Will GHI implement the new OS approach, so GHI devices can use the new Stack?
Do you have any estimation how long this will take, after NETMF vNext is released?

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - we will share our plans after the next release is out and not in beta. Meanwhile, we will be releasing an sdk in couple weeks with improved networking.

They touched on my question on here from last week:

[quote]As a means of rapidly developing and testing the stack with the CLR in this fashion we are adding a raw WIN32 port of NETMF that, like the emulator, runs on Win32 … Thus we can build the LWIP stack, test and debug it without needing to go through a JTAG Debug/flash program cycle.

Life just got a whole lot better!!! Rock on .NetMF, Rock on Gadgeteer!

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