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Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service Limited Public Preview


Sign up here :slight_smile:


Heck ya I signed up for that, hopefully I get in.

Wonder if Azure will ever offer a MQTT option or something like it.


M2Mqtt : MQTT client library for Internet of Things & M2M communication


@ RomanMiler I did a demo project and video etc on M2Mqtt here

@ Paolo (the guy behind M2Mqtt is a community forum member here.


@ DukeNukem Great video !


"If MQTT remains your choice, I will try to make you as successful with it as I can…There were times when technical pride would get in the way of folks working at Microsoft supporting what the customers demand; that’s not my notion of running “services”. "

In spite of:
“MQTT is an old, recycled, and often weirdly inconsistent mess. It’s not a good protocol, and certainly not a good protocol for the Internet of Things”

See here for a detailed technical discussion:


Some Information about MQTT and Azure

@ Cuno

You know a good alternative???

Whats about AMQP, COAP?


Depends on the project, but if plain HTTP is not applicable for some reason, I’d next take a look at CoAP. It can be regarded as a compressed form of HTTP (therefore a trivial mapping from and to HTTP exists) plus a few additional features like subscription to sensor data (Observe option). Lightweight enough to be implemented on 8-bit microcontrollers. Although if you need TLS for security, the bandwidth difference to HTTP may not be that large anymore (same holds for MQTT and AMQP)…

A more long-term alternative could be Bluetooth Low Energy’s GATT protocol. As an application layer protocol over any transport, not just BLE. Like HTTP and CoAP basically a RESTful design, with a defined mapping from and to HTTP. The current key exchange mechanism is weak however, a more secure one is under discussion.

I’d also consider 0MQ (ZeroMQ). ZeroMQ is light-weight, including security. It basically uses the same algorithms that we have experimentally implemented in our [em]Oberon.NaCl[/em] library (

But first I’d try to stick with HTTP and see how far I’d get with that.


AMQP may be too heavy for small embedded devices, in particular if you need SSL in addition. But as Microsoft appears to be pushing AMQP, it might become an alternative if and when someone provides a light-weight SSL implementation for NETMF. See also


When I did my MQTT sample project on Gadgeteer ( ), I then tried to do a AMQP sample based on the same hardware setup and objective (controlling some leds), and found AMQP rather daunting so unless AMQP does some more work I would tend to agree that it might not be suitable for small devices, but I see IoT as having a lot of small devices so use of AMQP could be limited in IoT.


Me too. And I don’t count G120 (or anything with external RAM and/or flash) as a “small device”. Cerb40 barely qualifies, in my book.