Microsoft Azure and UCloudy

I have converted the Wireless Weather Station project by Jason for use on a Cobra II with integrated WIFI and 4.3.

After deployment the application appears to be running with any issues; no exceptions etc

However, no data is being inserted into the table on the Azure Database.

I have stepped through the code to watch the execution and cannot not see that it is failing at any point!

string result = myTable.Insert(latestSensorData); returns the json string, does anyone understand or can shed some light on whether this indicates it has been successful or not?

Or propose how I go about resolving this?

Many thanks

What is in the json string?

{ “DeviceName” : “Home”, “TimeStamp” : “11/20/2014 17:02:50”, “Temperature” : “21.350000000000001”, “Humidity” : “60.969999999999999”, “Pressure” : “1025.9508762551045”, “LightLevel” : “0”, “SoilMoisture” : “0”, “WindDirection” : “N”, “WindSpeed” : “0”, “RainQuantity” : “0”}

After many hours debugging and crying I have got data from my Cobra II to Azure.

When you select your platform to use on the Azure portal it provides you with the URL and application key.

I had assumed wrongly that this was the URL I needed to use?

To make it work you need to drop the ‘s’ from https … and the URL must be completed with ‘//’

Simple solution as always, probably obvious to most; but no so to us mere mortals!!!

Many thanks for the help and patience; you know who you are; as do everyone else!

Special thanks to Jason and Duke Nukem for their Weather and SolarOven projects, great real world examples for newbies!!!