Microserver for TinyCLR OS Released

Microserver has been released to NuGet.

It’s taken me about a year but I have completely rewritten the original Microserver for .NETMF and ported it over to Tiny CLR OS. This rewrite included breaking the server down to it’s smallest parts so it can be extendable and making its usage familiar to it’s big brother ASP.NET. You now have many new options allowing you to balance features with size and memory usage:

  • Socket Service :: Use the a socket service for creating basic tcp/udp communication with an extendable middleware for when you need it.

  • Web Services :: Extending socket services to include standard http request and responses headers. This is great for very simple embedded web content.

  • Extensions Packages :: Extensions packages expand web services to included features like static files, authentication, cookies, cors, diagnostics, json and model-view-controllers (MVC). Allowing you to only add features when you need them.

  • Logging Framework :: A simple logging framework ties all of these modules together allowing for seamless debug and/or serial logging across all extension modules.

Partnering client side technology like Blazor WebAssembly and Microserver on the device side I think will create a very interesting development space. This project includes a couple of sample examples that run on FEZ Duino and more advanced playground examples running on development boards.

I would love to know what you think. Your feedback on this project is always welcome. Any issues you identify please don’t hesitate to open an issue on Github.


Fantastic. Thank you for your contribution