MicroSD Part Number

I’ve had a rough time selecting a micro SD card slot for a custom G120 Board. It only just occurred to me that you might share the part number of the one you use on the Lima. To save me trying another one and falling over again. So if it isn’t top secret, Could I pleaseeeeeeeee know what part you use for the micro SD card slot?


It is a high volume part from China that would probably be very hard to source locally.

It was worth a try.


Can anyone recommend a good one that has the chip detect feature. Must be able to supply in large quantity, No EBay stuff.

I use this one. Easy to get from the likes of Digikey, Mouser too.


Sorry Dave, I just modded the post. Does it have chip detect?

Check the datasheet. It has a CARD DETECT switch.

That’s want I meant to say. But I can’t see it on the schematic. Card detect switch.

Whoop’s, I’m an idiot. There it as :-[

This might help next time :stuck_out_tongue: :whistle:



Settled on this bad boy.

Can some one please let me know if I should ground the casing. Footprint is on this amazing website I just discovered.

I would recommend the part that Dave mentioned because it has its solder pins outside of the connector and not below the connector. In case you have to replace it after production. i would connect the housing to ground.

If you plan to hand solder these for even prototyping, I suggest the one I found or something similar with the pins on the outside.