MicroSD Male to USB Adapter

Are there any GHI products that can take data from a MicroSD card slot and adapt it to USB out so that data (typically stored on the SD card) can be instead stored on any device with a USB input?

The guys at Applied Logic are close: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TohHo9xyeJ4&t=1m40s

All devices supporting USB host interface are capable of this.

@ David@ Emrol - Thanks for the quick response.

To clarify, I’m specifically looking for an adapter that takes the place of the MicroSD card, and saves that data directly to a Mac/PC via USB.

Maybe this diagram helps: http://cl.ly/image/1W1Q0p2G2T32

But this is not involving the Wi-Fi interface on the SD card? just µSD?

@ David@ Emrol - Exactly. The Eye-Fi (wireless SD card in the example) is too slow for the amount of data I’ll be transferring.

I want to bypass the memory card and save directly to a linux based system (via USB).

aaahhhhh, then you need to use the USB client and host controller and depending on the project mount the data as a USB storage device or as COM device to transfer live data.

@ David@ Emrol - I don’t fully understand. Wouldn’t I need cable/adapter to connect the MicroSD enabled device with my MacBook?

You would need a µSD module like:

You need a mainboard that supports USB host like:

And you need to write some software to expose your data over USB.

Or is it the other way around? Do you want to expose storage from the MacBook transparant to the µSD interface?

@ David@ Emrol - It is the other way around. I want to expose storage from the MacBook to the microSD interface.

Tremendous help David! Thanks so much for taking the time to get back to me :slight_smile: