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MicroSD card requirements for Domino


I bought a 4GB MicroSDHC card and I can’t access it from my Domino. I’m suspecting that the Domino can’t read the new “HC” cards and that I’ll have to get a non-HC version instead.

Am I correct? (Card works in a USB reader that I have, but it specifically supports the HC variety.)



All FEZes can real all cards. If you managed to find a card that doesn’t work we would like to borrow it for few days :slight_smile:

See here under SD


Make sure it is formatted with FAT32?


Apparently Fez boards read both 16 and 32 fat tables

Cheers Ian


I can read it with my PC just fine and it is formatted FAT32. The following code throws an exception every time.

                PersistentStorage sd = new PersistentStorage("SD");


                if (VolumeInfo.GetVolumes()[0].IsFormatted)
                    Debug.Print("Not Formatted");

            catch (Exception ex)


Is it a Kingstone Card?


I have found that some cards require a pause between the time which you mount the file system and the time you try to use it. For one card I have it was about 2 seconds of delay was needed (so I have added three seconds in my code.)

            PersistentStorage sdPS = new PersistentStorage("SD");
            Thread.Sleep(3000); // some cards will cause a crash without a delay


It is a Wintec card. I went out and bought a 2GB PNY card which is not a SDHC card and my code worked fine.

As far as needing a delay … it crashes when I create the PersistentStorage object.



One thing you might try is to format the card with the Panasonic SD formatter

Don’t ask me why its better then windows formating but it worked wonders for an Arduino project.


I am asking about kingstone because we notice that this kind withdraw relatively higher power causing the power line on the SD_PWR to go down.
To lower the impact of that, only If you have experience with electronics, you can add 10uF Capacitor in parallel with C10.

Or better keep using the different kind.

On the other hand, SDHC is supported with all FEZ boards.