MicroPython on SITCore

Originally published at: https://www.ghielectronics.com/2021/05/28/micropython-on-sitcore/

Our announcement today is about a whole new coding option, MicroPython on SITCore, specifically the new SC13xxx family of products.

You ask why? We say why not! Python is a powerful scripting language that requires no installation. You can type your code in the first minute using notepad or just enter the code through REPL.

Current Software Release

This effort is still in its early stages, and we are at v0.2.0. Much more work needs to be done, but it is very much usable today.



The DOCS website has been updated with everything you need to get started, plus has some tutorials as well.


These two FEZ (Fast & Easy) boards, the FEZ Pico and FEZ Flea, both support MicroPython. Powered by the small but powerful, SITCore SC13048Q. The FEZ Pico is inspired by the RPI Pico’s form factor, while the FEZ Flea draws its inspiration from the Seeeduino Xiao. Both capitalize off the respective ecosystems. And, of course, both support TinyCLR OS.


As soon as sc13 is in mailbox I test it !


It would be nice to program them with Thonny.

MicroPython is very interesting and has some real cool thing we are learning about slowly. The mix of built in file system and REPL is very cool https://docs.ghielectronics.com/software/micropython/debugging.html

Why Thonny specifically?

This is the software our students use when programming in Python. :smiley:

What I mean is why not use this for example? Or you teach full Python not MicroPython?

I have just tried it and it it works! Just select MicroPython Generic from run->interperter and then select the Virtual Serial port from you SITCore device.


We are studying Python and MicroPython with Thonny.
Very Good. Professor happy. :smile: Just missing the GHI products !!!

How about this? :slight_smile:


Gus you are amazing! :smiley: “I had a dream”: Python on GHI products with Thonny to program them and two hours later it is real and documented. We will be able to work in Python or C# on the same products. I feel like my summer vacation is going to be busy.


Actually thank you for pointing Thonny out. It is really nice and simple software… and just works! I love it.