Microbe.Net Battery test

Interesting results…

Using @ Duke Nukem’s PI speed test https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/codeshare/entry/597

84mhz STM32F401CEU6 - Mountaineer 4.3.0 firmware
Single AA ~1.52v

Calculate 20 digits of Pi Debug ~3 secs ~96ms Total current
Sleep for 3 sec ~ 38ma Total current.

Not to shabby for up scaling 1.5v to 3.3v and very impressed with the speed of the little guy :smiley:


Justin - Yes, impressive! Did you mean 96mA total current while running vs 38mA in sleep? I assume that measured at the AA cell (1.5v), or was it at the micro (3.3V)?

More questions:

Have you been able to lower power consumption even more using STOP mode with RTC wakeup?

What is the quiescent current on the step up circuit?

Yes 96ma at full noise and 38ma while snoozing measured at the AA.

I plan to bribe Cuno and Beat at Oberon to answer my stupid questions about low power modes for this little guy :smiley:

i have some data sheets somewhere…

fyi i have another board running the same STM with lots of other goodies on a single cell 110 Mah Lipo that was still running with juice in the tank 5 hours later :wink:

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Justin it is abou time that you put out something :slight_smile: … you seem to be enjoying, teasing us.

@ Rajesh - you should see the goodies that the punters will get at the up coming workshop i am hosting :whistle:

@ Justin your little workshop is going to be on top of the list of every hardware dude’s ‘can’t miss’ list for this year. I would suggest you include reinforced sweat bands for attendees so their heads don’t explode with all the stuff your planning on doing. I’m still curious on how you are going to do all this in 2 days, but I know I’d love to hear the conversations that are going to occur at your workshop.

@ Duke Nukem - red bull and coffee :smiley: