Microbe.Net a Servo and BLE

So one of the nice additions to Win8.1 are the Bluetooth low energy API’s

Unfortunately for older gentlemen such as myself that are not up to speed with the the latest and greatest in Win store App technology this poses a slight challenge…

Learn this new fancy XAML malarkey… :naughty:

Or fudge the numbers and allow traditional Win apps to leverage the new store API’s :wink:

Pretty simple fudge and much easier than learning XAML :whistle:


XAML is creating an UI for coders :stuck_out_tongue:
I fully work in XAML text editor.
I use the designer window only for preview.

Know what’s funny.
I hate HTML, but I love XAML :think:


I second that sentiment, XAML is so much easier than HTML. Love the MVVM pattern.


Very similar to XML used in Android to create the UI. I used to do everything from the designer but I now find it much faster to just work in the XML file itself. The preview screen helps to show any errors.

I’d love to get into Windows Phone development as I love working in C# but I just love my Galaxy Note 3 too much to switch to a smaller screen! :slight_smile:

Go XAML, but get a haircut first so you can’t pull you hair out initially.

I don’t get it, why do people like gigantic phones so much? If you need bigger screen go for a tablet. ::slight_smile:

After few years we could see something like this :smiley:

@ iamin - Why buy two devices if one can grab only one?

Simon from Vilnius, because one device (or let’s call it universal device) is never as good as two dedicated devices. Would you take 20inch tv-computer-phone-tablet-camera device wherever you go just because it is all-in-one? It would be interesting to see you taking a photo with 20inch sized device :open_mouth: .

This helped me to get up to speed with XAML

Nice idea Andre but that phone is $800 here with no network subsidies so I doubt it will be on my shopping list just yet.