Micro SD vs SD modules

I’ve been using the microSD module with both my Spider and Raptor setups without any obvious issues. Now I’m laying out a G400 board that is connectorized and sized to better fit my application. My new board needs to support a SD card and I’m wondering whether I should use a micro or full size SD card connector.

Does anyone know 1) Are there any pros and cons of micro vs non-micro SD cards other than the obvious size difference? and 2) Why was the micro SD card module was discontinued?

Thanks - Gene

There are no differences. It is just a size thing.

Just remember. Full size cards have a write protect switch. Not sure if netmf detects and respects this though.

personal preference only - I would design in uSD any day. As a form factor, they’re as easy to find, if not more accessible. Certainly more likely to be able to find one and “repurpose” it from a tablet or phone etc…

Got it, thanks very much