Micro SD Card - Capacity

The docs say this must have 4GB min, but is there an upper limit too? I don’t want to buy one and find its capacity is not supported.

We do not know if there is an upper limit. But I think we are about to find out!

The only one I had last night was 64Gigs, seems OK.

Some of these devices are 512GB, incredible, but I got a few 32GB ones, should do for now.

TinyCLR on the SCM20260 works with a 32GB FAT32, but not with the default ExFAT on the 64GB and higher cards. However if you reformat them as Large FAT32 (I used Rufus), they work ok.

Amazon says my Endpoint is due to be delivered “by 8pm tonight”, so I haven’t been able to test on it yet.

Received mine today.
flashed an 128GB SD card without problem.
Device started and I can connect with the endpoint config tool

Yes, you can flash the image to high capacity cards, but the real question is how much of the SD is actually utilized/available by the system.

I flashed the image to a 16GB SD.

According to the output of the command below, it looks like less than a GB is available in the /root/.epdata partition, which GHI recommends we use. I don’t see most of the 16GB anywhere in this command’s output.

I don’t know if the “?” operating system has an option to expand the filesystem during the first boot.

**** looks like this can be done with scripts on boot…

df -h

Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root 409.6M 193.7M 189.5M 51% /
devtmpfs 151.2M 0 151.2M 0% /dev
tmpfs 215.7M 8.0K 215.7M 0% /dev/shm
tmpfs 215.7M 100.0K 215.6M 0% /tmp
tmpfs 215.7M 24.0K 215.7M 0% /run
/dev/mmcblk1p6 739.9M 719.2M 0 100% /root/.epnet
/dev/mmcblk1p7 968.3M 7.8M 894.5M 1% /root/.epdata

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