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Micro framework install not working - solution


Dear forum users,

Ordered the FEZ Domino at monday this week, still a few days left untill the distributor has it in stock. (can’t wait)

So, today I wanted to prepare the “programming laptop” of mine for the new board. Already had C# 2008 express, so I downloaded the .net micro framework (.net MF) from your site. I could not get it to work.

After some tries, I re-installed C#2008 express and downloaded the .net MF directly from the microsoft site.

[quote]Download link:
Just wanted to share this solution with you guys, in case someone has the same problem.

Have a nice day!


Our website doesn’t have “Microsoft NETMF SDK”. Our website has the “GHI NETMF SDK”

You will need to install both, one is the core services from Microsoft and the other had the FEZ specific stuff. Please follow the book or the tutorial on what you need to install.

In short, you need
VS2008 (very soon will be VS2010)
Microsoft NETMF 4.0 SDK (not porting kit)