MFTouchScreenTest updated

Is there any place where I can find the MFTouchScreenTest project updated for the last GHI hardware definitions. (Pins definition not corresponding anymore)?

I need a solution to access the touch interface without using the NetMF window touch event. Is there any other solution than write a driver?


I’m not sure what you’re after…

I thought the MFTouchScreenTest project was a Microsoft project not a GHI project…

I take it you want to control the touch screen touch events manually. I haven’t seen a driver for the touch screen… There is a resistive touch screen driver on my PIC development software its written in C Maybe you could modify it… I’m pretty sure the touch screen is on An0 and An1.

I think you would need to make your own driver…

Cheers Ian

@ cugel,

Pst…InputManager.cs inside the lastest Pyxis release. Gather’s touch information without using WPF. Go steal the code :smiley:

thanks for the info, I will try to understand this part of Pyxis2!
For the moment, I wrote some kind of handler for a mouse. It uses a double offscreen buffer to display the cursor and all data. It works pretty well and it’s fast. I was using the same techniques when programming games for the Apple II in 1983!