MFdeploy, stand alone project

Years ago I wrote a program in Visual basic, UI nuds buttons ect, it was a simple text editor that changed the variables in a arduino program graphically with a push of a button I could uploaded the new program to the arduino. (I didn’t use any serial com just deploy)
Now I got a Netduino with C# and would like to create the same program but this seems hard, almost impossible.
My 1st problem is I need to use MFdeploy and in a stand alone program so it can deploy it with a push of a button.
Anyone already do this, so I don’t have to re invent the wheel.(or is it even possible to do)

After you deploy to your device using VisualStudio, open MFDeploy and “create application deployment”, which will make a file that you can deploy to your other devices.

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OK bear with me here I’m new to this
I have Microsoft Visual C# express I completed a program that’s working fine
I can open the program, go to application, and change or do what?
I do have MFDeploy but I cant see how to use that either.
lost here
One other thing, from what I understand what you are trying to do is create a Hex file that not easily changed.

Maybe we are not understanding what you need to do. Please explain.

The idea was when you ran the .exe program, (written in visual basic) all you saw was UI buttons nuds ect.
These nuds buttons ect changed the variables within the arduino program something the user never saw
with a push of a button you could deploy the new program with all the new changes.

It was based on a simple text editor as you pushed buttons it changed the variables
well under Arduino, the PDE file it uses can be altered through a simple text editor, one I wrote using visual basic.
Creating a hex file wont work from what I understand, as its almost impossible to edit .
Or maybe it will, as I have no clue what it is or does.

MFDeploy allows an app to be deployed. What it deploys is a type of compiled executable, so to get to that point you need to compile the app. To do that you need Visual C# or Visual Studio. So what you’re describing here from your Arduino does not have an equivalent.

But what are you changing? If you’re just changing data then you can do that through other methods (like have your app talk over USB via serial port to the device and set operating parameters). If you’re talking about changes to your app, real changes to your app version, then you may be able to use some of the in-field-update capabilities.

But if you actually need to do programming changes to the C# code, then you need the dev tools installed.

I believe the desire here is to create a Windows GUI where the user could set the values of several variable, such as a serial number, and press a button that would cause the code to be compiled and then deployed to a device.

The compilation could be covered by using a command line. See

You could then use the MFDeploy DLL to deploy. I am not sure if the output of the compilation is in the right format for use by MFDeploy, but this information should get you started.

But that would still require more than just the Windows app that @ Perkunas would write… you’d need the dev tools installed to get the compiler bits.

A scenario I can imagine is that the end-user of the device wants to set the temperature upper and lower setpoints on a “controller” and connects it to a PC to do so, runs the supplied GUI and adjusts things as needed, hits save, gets a confirmation that the update has been made, disconnects the PC and puts the “controller” back in place. All that can be done via your app on the “controller” and stored in flash or in an SD card.

You could be right. Requirements are a bit vague. Do you know what a “nubs” button is?

no but I was too embarrassed to ask. Perhaps it’s rude :wink:

or dirty? :slight_smile:

Yes, that kind of rude :slight_smile: not the impolite kind :wink: :wink:

I believe he is referring to Numeric Up/Down buttons, but I could be wrong. Looking forward to more details, perkunas!