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MFDeploy Issues


I am a newbie, so I please be patient with me.

I am currently running version MFDeploy. I did not download this with the .Net Micro SDK, but independently, however, the MSDN site tells me that they should be the exact same.

My issue is that when I open MFDeploy, I only see three toolbars and the Target toolbar does only had a few options.

What i would like is the have the Fancy MFDeploy from the tutorial videos ( here and here

Do I have the wrong MFDeploy Version or am I missing some sort of modification to MFDeploy that the tutor in the video has? I appreciate your feedback, thank you!


Please use the free ebook or tutorial and use the latest tools. We do not support anything but the latest and greatest


The one directly from microsoft is (I know it’s stupid) different to the one supplied with the SDK.

Take a look at:
Start - All programs - Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.1 - Tools - MFDeploy.exe

Or, if you do not have a start folder:
C:\Program files - Microsoft .NET Micro Framework - v4.1 - Tools - MFDeploy.exe


well, kiss my grits. That was easy. Freakin’ Easy. Thank you!


No problem, if you run into another problem feel free to ask. There’s always someone here playing with fez :smiley: