MF Source Code?

Ok so the Micro Framework is open source. So where is the source code? I’ve been googling it for a while and can’t find it anywhere. You’d think it would be on codeplex but I get nothing.

Any ideas?

Look for the porting kit. It’s in the TinyCLR downloads.

Porting Kit:
TCP/IP and SSL for ARM:

Oh so that’s where its hiding. Thanks guys!

I wonder how hard can it be to make our own implementation(obviously without GHI features).

It is not very easy but also not impossible, but why do you want to do that? We sell you the boards at a very low cost so even if you are making your own you wouldn’t save money. Also, we sell you the USBizi chip for the price of the processor.So, you can make your own board and not have to worry about any porting.

Very hard. (EDIT: Gus beat me to it)

Sometimes we do things because they are hard. Nobody climbed mount Everest because it was freakin easy :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think we’re talking about “difficult” hard, I think we’re talking about “hiring a staff of EE and CS” hard.

To quote Gus: [quote]It is not very easy but also not impossible, but why do you want to do that?[/quote]
I say why bother? At best you get an implementation that is inferior to the GHI implementation, so who would ever use it?
If your that good a programmer, then use your skills where its needed like: [url][/url]

Sure but it is up to you, spend 6 month to barely get a basic port with limited features or spend 6 month to make something amazing with FEZ. Me personally, I rather spend my time making a robot or even make a commercial product and sell it instead of trying to go through millions of lines of code in the PK. Of course someone may have a different interest. Either way, the PK is in the download section, feel free to download and get started on the PK.