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Method to know in software the available memory?


Hello !

While you are debuging, you can easily know how much used/free memory he has by looking at the GC informations, or even force it in software with a Debug.GC(true).

However, is there a way I can check the freeblocks inside my software ?
Or even a way to get the GC string by a trick and then parse its values ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: !


Free memory can be gleaned by int val = Debug.GC(true);


Thank You :slight_smile:

I feel a little confused, that was so simple :-[


No worries, I had an issue yesterday were I couldn’t get something to work, only to realize it was because I hadn’t enabled it. We all miss the little stuff sometimes. :wink:


@ Skewworks, +1 :wink: