Metal shield on top of the chip?

Hello guys,
Anyone knows how can we order those metal shield placed on top of the SOC ? Similar to what we see on the ESP32 and so on? What do they call those parts? For example in eagle and how to order them ?

Thanks guys!

Hey, I found something here.
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I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but these seem to about the same size as those on the esp32.

I think you’ll have to create some thin pads along the outline of it and either solder it by hand or use some solder paste to solder it in place.

Please let us know how it goes, I’m quite interested in the results.

can I ask @Jay_Jay why you want them for? They are usually there as a specific shielding for FCC certification or electrical noise interference, and in my (limited) experience are made for a specific board/component rather than being “generic”, so end up costing a fair bit relatively speaking…

They called them board level shields… a broad range of sizes are available at Wurth

Thanks guys,
I was looking to use a certain chip that wasn’t shielded and wanted to check my options! So I started with the most obvious thing which is the shield before going any deeper!
It seems to be that I better go off and get a competing chip that’s already certified and shielded!
But at least now I know it can be done.