Messages of the day


I don’t know if it has been asked before, but it’s been a long time I think at this : what about a “Messages of the day” button ?
This would give all the posts that were written today, no matter if they were read or not.

I ask this because it’s the fourth or fifth time I make a mistake and click on “Mark as read” instead of “View all Unread” :-[
This last time, the forum had 27 unread topics :wall: So it will be a pain to find them.

This button would be always accessible, not only when there are new messages. Maybe also available without being logged in ?

What do you think ? (maybe another bad idea, who knows :wink: )

If no new button, then maybe put the “Mark as read” on the right, not just aside of the “View unread”

What we wanted was something showing you the last 50 messages and then those will be put in an RSS feed too.

Probably another feed for latest topics…this first one was latest messages.

I have made that mistake many times so moving the mark as read button is a good idea