Memory LUN for Mass Storage


I would like to present a LUN to the USB Mass Storage driver that accesses shared memory instead of an SD card. Is this possible?

I’d like to use the Mass Storage “channel” to exchange information between the PC and the Fez in real time without using CDC at all. For example, I’d like to set the time on the Fez from the PC by writing a “file” to the mass storage or get the unique ID on the Fez.

The great thing about Mass Storage is it requires no driver or configuration on the PC - just simple file I/O.

Sounds crazy? This of the possibilities… File streaming, reading and writing configs, firmware update etc.

Do you think it could work?

In theory it would work but knowing a lot about USB/MSC I would highly suggest not doing it. Plus is is not supported or need a lot hacking to make it work anyway.