Memeory Usage

Cannot find a method to get the current memory used at runtime? Any assistance would be great? Using the g120

@ anthonys - Hi, I use various prints of Debug.GC to get the current memory like this

Debug.Print(“After CAN file setup: Mem=” + Debug.GC(false));

This gives outputs like this :

Start of Main: Mem=33372
After SD Card init: Mem=32388
Enter Read_CANSetup: Mem=25824
After Tx 1 setup: Mem=20424
After Tx 2 setup: Mem=15024
After Rx 1 setup: Mem=13824
After Rx 2 setup: Mem=12624
After opening file: Mem=11424
After file read checkpoint 1: Mem=10968
After file read checkpoint 2: Mem=10824
After closing file: Mem=12024
After CAN file setup: Mem=12792
SerialRx Thread started
After starting SerialRx Thread
After serial port init: Mem=11868
Start of Main: Mem=10308
About to call running loop: Mem=10272

This is on a Panda II.

Worth a try?