Medusa Shield with Netduino

Has anyone tried using the Medusa shield with a Netduino?

From a hardware perspective, it seems like it should work, but I want to know if the software for the modules will work or if new drivers have to be develop.

You will need to use I2C to communicate with the port extender on the shield. In addition to that you will need pure NETMF version of the Gadgeteer modules drivers that you will be using with that. Doable.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Now then, is it possible to use the Netduino/Medusa combo as a Gadgeteer mainboard? I assume there’s a way to write a driver for Gadgeteer main boards?

That is possible as well. Codeplex has documentation on how to do that. And we have examples on codeshare.

For example here is one for FEZ Cerbuino Bee: Cerbuino Bee/FEZ Cerbuino Bee_42/FEZ_Cerbuino_Bee_42.cs

You will need builder templates for Visual Studio:

and WiX:

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Awesome, thanks for the info.

Now all I have to do is order the shield!

Let me double check that I2C pins are lined up.

I2C pins are in different spots on shield and Netduino. You will need to run a couple of wires.

How do I do that?