Mechanical ipad keyboard!




Now adapt it for iPhone and donate one to Gus, might fix the iPone spilling mistales :wink:


I cringed after every keystroke, expecting the screen to crack.

I’m cringing because this means that Apple will now patent the keyboard as their invention.

Why would they even build something like that? Another engineer with too much free time.

I was asking myself the same question.

This must have taken a lot of time to prototype. I hope they sell at least one piece of it :wink:

i would like to see it stand up to the old 120 words per minute secretary test! The iPad would be just a hazy group of atoms after about 10 mins :slight_smile:

Pfft its only an iPad, not like its anything special :smiley:

Well at least it is different. It kind of reminds me of the old electric typewriter to printer conversions in the 1980’s.

My daughter bought an old (circa 1927) Underwood #5 typewriter at a garage sale a few weeks ago. She thought it was so ‘cool’ and she actually used it to type a few school assignments. Then she went right back to using Word :slight_smile:

Lol, after the patent ruling I think i will buy Samsung out of protest…

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Did she get some white out as well?

The only typewriter ribbon we could find locally was black ink with a correction ribbon where the red inked sction would normally be. I was really surprised that the salesman at Staples even knew what a typewriter was.

everyone should go buy Samsung now!

It’s a cool project. It doesn’t really need any other reason. However, I found myself thinking the same thing while watching the video especially when it appears that the builder is not a touch typist. He could probably search out the letters on the screen faster than he was typing on the keyboard. But, sometimes you get a cool idea and you just have to build it even if it doesn’t actually serve a real purpose.