Measuring motor speed with a mbed

You all may be intersted in this:

I used a 1768 which I know is overkill. I want to port this to mbuino and put a small LCD or OLED on the mbuino. Suggestions for the LCD / OLED. I don’t want to spend a lot of money.




Why not use a character display? They are very inexpensive.

@ DaddyOh - Nice post!

Also love the hat project you did for RVA Makerfest…very cool!

Very nice! GHI very graciously sent me an mbed board (Medusa Icon), and I can’t wait to dive in.

Be careful measuring at 20k RPM, though. Things spinning that fast tend to fly apart, and then stuff gets exciting!

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What are those mounting plates you’re using? Mechano?

@ godefroi

They are actobotics parts. I love them. A little $ but you can build a lot. Have a look at


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