Meadow Driver for TinyCLR

While I am waiting for debugging feature in Meadow, I would like to use it’s libs and drivers with other framework like TinyCLR…

if you have time, maybe you can test it… I haven’t test it yet.


You should be able to port easily. What driver do you need as the community may have it already

Wait… Do you mean you have ported them already?! That is great!

there’s a lot drivers done from Gravicode / Mikrobus
and still no driver for simple DHT11 “because of his timing request/response” or to complicated to achive it .

maybe I can add this one ( to the dhtxx collection

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i have version of .NET Micro Driver but for TinyCLR wanted …
and example on .NET Micro

What do we need to add? Did you try pulse feedback feature?

i still playing with SignalGenerator but yet not used Signal Capture
(maybe this is what i need to play with this)

I don’t know is it working or no, just give it a try, I don’t have dht11

tested driver for DHT11 but do not work because this one is not onewire
and no data on it

Timing is critical with the serial interface. Data here:

posted above .net microframework version that work well with interrupts and used two pins instead one.

on TinyClr theres SignalGenerator (that can generate signal to initialize/send request to DHT11) and Capture (to get/count result of bits from DHT11)