Meadow Debugging

Sometimes, you just need to be patient …

Meadow # b6.0

This is a big new release with huge new features and lots of optimizations and improvements, including:

  • Debugging - What what?! Yup; in-IDE debugging in Visual Studio for Windows, Mac, AND VS Code.
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Really, really, really patient…

Meadow who?

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I need first to find my 2 boards back (under the dust). But want to play a little bit with TinyClr 2.1 and VS2022 first :slightly_smiling_face:

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It must be 3 years now they’ve been working on that thing - and still in beta…

yes, it may be ready when i will retire. who knows

Meanwhile, GHI has had TinyCLR1.0 and then TinyCLR2.0 with full debugging from the start. :wink:

I gave up on my 2 Meadow boards after 2 months because of no debugging. Gave them away in the end. TinyCLR2.0 offers better performance too.

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Debugging! That is awesome. Has anyone try it?

Nah. Never. My code always runs on the first try.


owow too late ,
mine run even is not deployed :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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error on the first debugging attempt… :sweat:
I have updated it’s firmware, vs extension to .6B…

Now there’s an error message that only a 1990’s Microsoft engineer could love. Completely accurate, yet simultaneously completely unhelpful. “And I should do what now…?”

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Ask on the meadow forum but it doesn’t seems to have a lot activity there. Bug in the forum maybe …

maybe, I should waiting a little longer…