Me in my Spair time... Using Fez

Yeah like I built that a hour ago. Almost made myself sweat.

Interesting site!
Thanks for sharing.

I like this video:

cool stuff! any control systems involved?

PID controller of some sort, I presume?

That is insane :o

Call me a skeptic but I think there is some fishing line helping out there. ::slight_smile:

I call BS on it as well really. Air is not that controllable… the ball should just fall off the flow. How would you get air to suck in on the edges and push on the inside? Still fun to watch… The paddle one is way cooler though imho

It’s not BS in any way.

Try it yourself with a funnel and a ping pong ball. The ball works kinda sorta like a wing, and there is no fishing line there to help it.

Aerodynamics 101, people!