Mbuino -- timer capture

I noticed that mbuino pins support multiple timer match pins, but no capture pins – a bit unfortunate. I did solder a wire from the testpoint to a pin (forgoing the normal function on that pin), but this would be easier if a capture channel were brought out to one of the pins or at least a solder pad with a hole. Just a suggestion for a future rev. Overall, a very nice board.


@ geoffreymbrown - Welcome to the community.

While we do not officially support signal capture at this time, the LPC11U24 does have a few pins that do support signal capture (at least three). You would need to acquire the datasheet as well as the manual to determine which pins they are and you can use the register access to directly set those pins up as capture pins.

@ geoffreymbrown - You can try this library from Chris Taylor aka @ taylorza on this forum:

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Yes, I’m aware that the lpc11u part supports capture. I was simply pointing out that none of the capture pins on the lpc11u are exposed on mbuino except one of the test points. This makes it problematic to use the board for an application where capture is desired.

@ geoffreymbrown - If you are feeling adventurous, perhaps,you would like to try your hand at making your own version of an mBuino with those capture pins exposed?

We provide a service at www.turnkeyassembly.com to help aspiring PCB makers make their dream of making a circuit board a reality. All you would need to do is use the mBuino schematic as a reference, redesign the layout, submit the EAGLE files according to the instructions at Turnkey Assembly and you will be on your way to having the ability to have signal capture on your own mBuino based board.

Interesting idea, can you give an estimated price for a build of the mBuino that has the pins on thru-holes? I can punch in the number of components, size and layers, but don’t really have a clue as to the cost of the components.